Developing the port inward

“Steinwerder Süd” – that’s the name of the new, trendsetting location at the Port of Hamburg. In the coming years, the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) will have turned the Hansa and Ross terminals into a forward-thinking harbor area: At 32.6 hectares, Steinwerder Süd will be a multipurpose, adaptable business hub while also serving as an example for the future interior development of the Port of Hamburg.

The Project

Steinwerder Süd: developing the port inward

Interior development through redesign: In the coming years, the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) will be developing the area currently used for two terminals in Steinwerder.

Das historische Bild zeigt zwei Dampfschiffe, die vor dem zukünftigen Areal von Steinwerder Süd liegen.


Steinwerder’s seaport at the turn of the century

On the former island of Steinwerder on the Elbe River, numerous large basins were built at the start of the 20th century as part of the second major expansion of the port.



Restructuring in two steps

Steinwerder Süd will be developed in a multistage planning and construction process: After raising and preparing the area, the final expansion will begin along with the necessary infrastructure.

Steinwerder Süd Umwelt Röhricht


Minimizing the impact on flora, fauna, and people

Major infrastructure projects always have an impact on the environment. The consequences of this port renovation will be extensively studied, then minimized and offset to the greatest extent possible.