Construction phase:

Construction phase: effects on the air and climate

The construction phase will not produce any significant disturbances in the air and climate of the surrounding area. Nevertheless, the HPA will take all technically possible and economically reasonable steps to minimize possible emissions into the environment.

Accordingly, all construction work will be done in a way that avoids the release of dust. Despite this, higher levels of pollution, e.g., from the exhaust of construction vehicles and heavy machinery, are expected sporadically, but given the considerable distance from the nearest residential area and the good airflow through the site, no relevant increases are expected. With the surrounding area protected, the work at the construction site will therefore be acceptable in terms of airborne pollutants.

Regarding possible noise pollution during the construction phase, the HPA will naturally meet all regulatory requirements and not generate more noise than is absolutely necessary for construction.

Only environmentally friendly/sustainable materials and methods will be used at the site.