The final expansion:
flexible and built
as needed

Creating tailored infrastructure

For the final expansion of the Steinwerder Süd location, the HPA is breaking new ground in more ways than one to develop the port in an even more economical and resource-conserving way in the future:

  • To be able to use the space as efficiently and flexibly as possible, a modular grid of market-oriented, 150 x 150-meter lots was developed.
  • This modular grid ensures efficient use of the overall space (no leftover spaces) and can be readily adapted to meet client needs, giving it a high level of flexibility when changing uses/users.
  • The area can be made accessible by a grid of streets and alleys, and – depending on use – can even be made accessible to the public.
  • The infrastructure in the final expansion – especially for possible on-water cargo handling (quay walls, cranes, etc.) – will first be established in an investment-friendly manner, i.e., only according to actual need, and refinanced by each user.
  • The spaces will only be developed in the final expansion, meaning they will be “tailored” (e.g., monomodal, bimodal, or trimodal connectivity).
  • Any unavoidable leftover spaces will be reserved for commercial vehicle parking to prevent random parking around the location.