Frequently Asked Questions

1How is the area being used today?
Currently, the only regular user in the area is European Metal Recycling GmbH in the Südwestern part of the Ross Terminal. Otherwise there is only temporary activity in the partly dilapidated area in need of renovation.
2What needs assessment is the planning based on?
The needs assessment for the preparatory stage and potential usage options are derived from the goals of the Port Development Plan 2025 (PDP 2025) as well as from a study by the HPA of trends in cargo handling over recent years and of global trends.
3What are the goals of this renewal?
The primary goals are taken from the PDP 2025. In this plan, the following will be implemented:
  • Restructuring the site inward as an example for future port development.
  • Setting new benchmarks for flexible and efficient use of space as well as for economic port development.
  • Establishing typical port facilities that have a high real net output ratio, create as many jobs as possible and bring real benefit to local business.
  • Improving the currently very limited available space over the short and medium term.
  • (Re)using available space in need of renovation, improving it's use efficiency and thereby contributing to resource-conserving port development.
  • Securing and strengthening the competitive position of the Port of Hamburg for the long term.
4What activities are intended for Steinwerder Süd?
The HPA’s study of the market situation has shown a growing demand for large, modern port areas that can only be partially satisfied today. Additionally, many small and medium-sized businesses are demanding space for which availability is likely to remain limited. Most are looking for space that is available immediately or, at the most, in the medium term. The criteria for the HPA’s subsequent selection of users will be likely value creation, stimulus for the Hamburg metropolitan area job market, the potential benefits to local business, and the strengthening of the Port of Hamburg as well as its competitiveness.
5Why does the Oderhafen harbor basin need to be raised?
The terminals at Oderhafen (Hansa and Ross terminals) are in need of renovation and some are dilapidated. In addition, the current surface structure of both terminals, with their relatively narrow piers does not offer sufficient potential for modern port usage. This is especially true given the fact that the area needs to be raised for flood protection reasons. Merely upgrading the existing wharfage wouldn’t be worthwhile for economic and technical reasons.
6Where is the earth for raising the area coming from?
Raising the Oderhafen harbor basin and the entire area in general will require large quantities of earth, just under 2.9 million cubic meters. Around 1.1 million cubic meters will be obtained from the removal of the Roßhöft and Oderhöft peaks. An additional 400,000 cubic meters will be supplied from the renovation of the nearby Kreetsand/Spadenlander Busch spoil area into a tidal flats region. The just under 1.5 million cubic meters remaining can be obtained from other port and infrastructure projects in the metropolitan area.
7How many jobs will be created by Steinwerder Süd?
One criterion for the subsequent selection of users will be the expected stimulus to the Hamburg job market. This means not only the number of people who will be working at Steinwerder Süd, but also the effects it will have on Hamburg metropolitan area’s job market overall are being taken into consideration.
8Who is responsible for the Steinwerder Süd project?
The project is being implemented by the Hamburg Port Authority's (HPA) department Port Estate and Maritime Affairs. Responsible for the project is Mr. Diomedes Lampropoulos.
9What is the timetable for the renewal?
The multistage planning and construction process has the following timetable:
  • 08/2019: Initiation of the planning approval process for the preparation stage
  • 19/09/-18/10/2019: Public release of the plans
  • 03-05/2020: Call for tenders and awarding of contracts for construction stage, unexploded ordnance removal for preparation stage
  • Hearing
  • Conclusion of the planning approval process for preparation stage
  • Execution of preparation stage
10What will be the water surface area ratio after the renewal?
To renovate the port for Steinwerder Süd, 8.3 hectares of land will be excavated and 10.4 hectares of water surface area will be built over. This will result in a negative water surface area ratio of 2.1 hectares.
11How will the project affect the tide dynamics/tidal range of the Elbe?
The Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute (BAW–Bundesanstalt für Wasserbau) has determined the possible effects of the project on the water levels and current as well as the water exchange within the Port of Hamburg. The study states the following:
  • The planned works will have a minimal effect on the high-tide and low-tide water levels, and will come in at well under the threshold. There will be no measurable or observable effects.
  • The tidal currents will increase above the threshold of 0.02 m/s only in the immediate area, in the Rosshafen, Vorhafen, Ellerholzhafen, and Travehafen harbor basins.
  • The creation of the Steinwerder Süd location will not significantly alter the sedimentation in the Lower Elbe.
  • The tidal volume of the Ellerholzhafen, Oderhafen, and Travehafen basins will be reduced. The time needed for the exchange of 90% of the water located there will be up to 17% less after the renovation than currently–although the change will depend greatly on the tidal scenario (high/low tidal range).
In its hydrological study, the BAW came to the conclusion that the Steinwerder Süd project will not have any significant/measurable and observable effects on tide dynamics.
12How much is being invested in the project?
The amount of money invested in the project and the financing depend on the usage variants to be selected later.