The goals:
Reusing space

The goals: driving port development inward

The Steinwerder Süd location is one of the most strategically important land reserves for the future development of the Port of Hamburg. The terminals there today are also in need of renovation and some are dilapidated.

In addition, the current surface structure of the Hansa and Ross terminals with their relatively narrow piers – especially considering the need to raise the area to eight meters above sea level (a.s.l.) – does not offer sufficient potential for modern port usage. For economic and technical reasons, upgrading the existing wharfage wouldn’t be worthwhile.

This is why the Hamburg Port Authority has decided to develop the Steinwerder Süd location into a trendsetting port location over the next years. The fundamental goals of this project are outlined in the Port Development Plan 2025, in which the following will be implemented:

  • Restructuring the site inward as an example for future port development.
  • Setting new benchmarks for flexible and efficient use of space as well as for economic port development.
  • Establishing typical port facilities that have a high real net output ratio, create as many jobs as possible and bring real benefit to local business.
  • Improving the currently very limited available space over the short and medium term.
  • (Re)using available space in need of renovation, improving it’s use efficiency, and thereby contributing to resource-conserving port development.
  • Securing and strengthening the competitive position of the Port of Hamburg for the long term.