The location:
at the heart
of the port

Development potential at the center of the port

The future port location Steinwerder Süd is around three linear kilometers away from the city of Hamburg at the center of the port by the eastern ramp to the Köhlbrand Bridge. The 32.6-hectare area comprises the premises of the Hansa and Ross terminals, situated in the borough of Steinwerder, as well as the Oderhafen harbor basin, which lies between the two.

Factoring in surrounding prospects

The area is bordered by existing, adjacent facilities whose prospects and potential will be factored into the planning:

  • To the West, the possibility of having to modify the Tollerort and HHLA container terminals to meet future needs will be taken into account.
  • To the North, enough space will be left for a possible expansion of Cruise Gate Hamburg.
  • To the East, there are port facilities whose operations should be hindered as little as possible by the rebuilding and subsequent opening of Steinwerder Süd.
  • The Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) is currently planning to make use of the Köhlbrand Bridge, whose structural and economic life is slated to end in 2030. Future road connections to Steinwerder Süd will also be studied and adequate space will be left clear in the project area.