past history

  • 2010

    Market consultation process with concept for Central Terminal Steinwerder (CTS): mixed use with container and heavy cargo handling, rolling stock, and industrial use
  • 2012

    Resolution on the Port Development Plan (PDP) for 2025 with the CTS as the central expansion project with an annual capacity of around 3.5 million TEU on about 200 hectares – by filling in basins (Oderhafen, Kaiser-Wilhelmhafen, and Travehafen) and other measures – with a terminal area of up to 125 hectares
  • 2012

    Market consultation process and idea competition with concept for the CTS
  • 2016

    Examination of alternatives: study of four alternatives for expanding the center port area; alternatives with areas between 42 and 91 hectares
  • 2017

    Market consultation through international idea competition for Steinwerder Süd. First prize: e-logistics hub and an automated container terminal (Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Germany GmbH/China Communications Construction Company Ltd.)
  • 2018

    Presentation of the Steinwerder Süd concept at the Expo Real in Munich

Planning ideas and concepts in flux

In the 2010s, different planning concepts for the center port and the Steinwerder Süd location were developed and discussed due to changing demand and other factors. Here is an overview of the core planning stages: