the basis for final

Creating one large, contiguous space

With the renewal (preparatory stage), an efficient area optimized for future facilities will be created by 2024 that will be enclosed on all water sides by embankments.

To protect against flooding, the wharfage of the Ross and Hansa terminals will be raised from the current 5.5 meters above sea level (a.s.l.) to eight meters a.s.l., the Ross and Oder groins will be removed and the Oderhafen pier will also be raised to eight meters a.s.l.

At the Northwest tip of the Hansa Terminal area, an environmental compensation area of approx. one hectare will be created. The Ellerholz Canal, which has already been partially filled in, will also be raised to eight meters a.s.l. The area of the Rosshafen pier currently still being used by European Metal Recycling GmbH (EMR) will be kept by EMR until its use comes to an end.

The new port area is designed so:

  • A grid can be created in it consisting of as many full 150 x 150-meter squares as possible (the smallest unit suitable for port uses).
  • It can be easily expanded for various port uses depending on market demand.
  • It will be possible to build two wharfage sites at least 400 meters long at right angles to one another that can be equipped for container/freight handling.
  • It will be possible to feed into the port railway network coming from the South.
  • It will be possible to connect to commercial vehicle traffic coming from the South (Breslauer Strasse/Rossweg).