Options for use:
a broad spectrum
of possibilities

Room for today’s and tomorrow’s needs

The options for using Steinwerder Süd have arisen from the goals of the Port Development Plan 2025 as well as from a study by the HPA of how the market has developed over recent years and of global trends (demand analysis).

With a two-stage approach – preparing the entire area for a broad spectrum of potential uses and then the final, needs-oriented expansion for each user – the HPA can make it possible for a wide range of interested parties to set up in a short amount of time.

The HPA’s study of the market situation has shown growing demand for large, modern port areas that can only be partially satisfied today. Additionally, many small and medium-sized businesses are demanding space for which availability is likely to remain limited. Most are looking for space that is available immediately or, at the most, in the medium term.

The criteria for the HPA’s subsequent selection of users will be the expected value creation, stimulus for the Hamburg metropolitan area job market, the potential benefits to local business, and the strengthening of the Port of Hamburg as well as its competitiveness.